Saturday, 22 June 2013

June's Game: Paddle-Putt Island

Paddle-Putt Island

June's game was done as a collaboration between Calalaera as the Senior Programmer, and myself in the Junior Programmer role. It was done completely in C++ using CodeBlocks and SFML. 

Paddle-Putt Island can be thought of as a spiritual successor to Golf, the well-known Atari 2600 game from decades past. The playable, one level demo gives a nod to greyscale mode. The full game will contain the following:
  • Nine holes
  • Eight bits of glorious colour
  • Weird and wacky level design
  • In-jokes up the wazoo
  • Easter eggs, of which greyscale mode will be one
  • And expansions to come!
We are also working on release date DLC which will be made available once Paddle-Putt Island gets through Steam Greenlight. This DLC will be another 9 hole course which will, we hope, put the "silly" in "silly golf".

Go take a look at the demo online - or better yet, play it yourself!

Please let us know what you think of the game. We realise that this game will not appeal to the majority of people. Rather, it is specifically aimed at those who enjoy very simple retro games. 

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